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puppy parade!

puppy parade!

getting autumnal

getting autumnal

rumor has it that you’ve got some butts on your balls

two dudes at work winked at me in a ten minute span. 

once because i was watching his cousin microwave leftovers. one because i got a haircut. 

i always enjoy knowing who i’m on a “winking over normal stuff” level of friendship. today has been a day of discoveries. 

today will be whimsical. I can feel it.

today will be whimsical. I can feel it.


this is a song from my band’s debut album. it’s nice and kinda dancey, i think. you can hear the entire album on our bandcamp. it’s pay what you like so you can get it for free, but if you pay five pounds or more you’ll get 8 additional bonus tracks

if you enjoy this please share it around and tell people about our band! thank you x

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a while ago i went on an okay date with a guy, i said yes to a second date, he got like weirdly clingy, i cancelled that date and let him know that i didn’t appreciate having my time and space disrespected when i’d made it clear i wanted him to back off. he didn’t take it well and i asked him to never contact me again.

he sent me an email four months later telling me he’d changed. if he had he wouldn’t have sent the email. i didn’t respond. 

he sent another email four or five months after that tell me he had seen the error of his ways and just wanted to make it up to me over coffee so he could explain things. 

we. went. on. one. date. forever. ago. stop. already.

i was telling this story to a cool woman that i admire and i think has a great relationship with her husband at work and her response was “oh. he just really likes you! you really need to give him another chance.”

and that was when i remembered to be careful who let into your head because no one else but you is you and no matter how cool or admirable someone is, there is always something they think or feel or act out that you are 100% not okay with. 

guard your minds. live your own life. have a filter you run everything through no matter who tells it to you. including me. i’m wrong a lot. this could be bullshit.